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Interfacing with other plugins

While the mkdocs-static-i18n plugin does its best to be smart about its build process logic manipulation it can't possibly be aware of every other MkDocs plugin constraints.

This is a list of plugins known to work with mkdocs-static-i18n:

plugin compatible version
mkdocs-material >=9.2.3
mkdocs-awesome-pages >=2.9.1
mkdocs-redirects >=1.2.1
mkdocs-rss-plugin >=1.8.0
mkdocs-with-pdf >=0.9.3

If the list is not correct or that you would like another plugin to be made compatible:

  • make a sample repository available with the right requirements.txt and mkdocs.yml so that we can reproduce your problem
  • open an issue and explain your use case + link the repository you've created