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The mkdocs-static-i18n plugin offers a flexible set of options to help you localize your site as smoothly as possible.

This section contains all the details you need to succesfully get your localized site going.


This documentation applies from mkdocs-static-i18n version 1.0.0. Users of older versions should check the previous version 0.56 documentation.

Main configuration options overview

option section
docs_structure Choosing the docs structure
languages Setting up languages
fallback_to_default Controlling your builds
reconfigure_material Setting up mkdocs-material
reconfigure_search Setting up search

MkDocs events priority matrix

This plugin uses MkDocs event priority in order to reconfigure each of the build process steps at the less instrusive time possible to other plugins.

build event priority
on_config -100
on_files -100
on_nav -100
on_env 0
on_template_context 50
on_page_markdown 50
on_page_context 50
on_post_page -100
on_post_build -100

Configuration example

This very documentation is built using the plugin, so it might be interesting to you to check its mkdocs.yml!