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Using py3status, you can take control of your i3bar easily by:

  • using one of the available modules shipped with py3status
  • grouping multiple modules and automatically or manually cycle their display
  • writing your own modules and have their output displayed on your bar
  • handling click events on your i3bar and play with them in no time
  • seeing your clock tick every second whatever your i3status interval

No extra configuration file needed, just install & enjoy!


You will love py3status if you're using i3wm (or sway) and are frustrated by the i3status limitations on your i3bar such as:

  • you cannot hack into it easily
  • you want more than the built-in modules and their limited configuration
  • you cannot pipe the result of one of more scripts or commands in your bar easily


  • no added configuration file, use the standard i3status.conf
  • rely on i3status' strengths and its existing configuration as much as possible
  • be extensible, it must be easy for users to add their own stuff/output by writing a simple python class which will be loaded and executed dynamically - easily allow interactivity with the i3bar
  • add some built-in enhancement/transformation of basic i3status modules output
  • support Python 3

We apply the zen to improve this project and encourage everyone to read it!

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