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Translating content

Focus on translating your content, not on updating all the links and references to your files!

Let mkdocs-static-i18n do the heavy lifting of dynamically localizing your assets and just reference everything without their localized extension.

Since the generated site files have their localization extension removed during the build process, you must reference them in your markdown source without it (this includes links to .md files)!

This simple docs structure:

├── image.en.png

Will generate this site tree:

├── fr
│   ├── image.png
│   ├── index.html
├── image.png
├── index.html

Which means that the image.png and its fr/image.png localized counterpart can be referenced the same way as ![my image](image.png) on both and when using the suffix docs structure.

It works the same for the folder structure!


You may find useful to inform users that some pages are not translated (yet) by injecting content on an announcement block when a page is displayed using its fallback language and thus missing a translation.

Translating admonitions

This sub-option is a key/value mapping set per language and allows you to translate admonition titles which don't have an explicit title defined.

Language Sub-Option: admonition_translations

This example overrides admonition titles of the French version of the site.

  - i18n:
      - locale: en
        default: true
        name: English
      - locale: fr
        name: Français
          - tip: Conseil
          - warning: Avertissement

and translates French markdowns from:

!!! tip

    Bonjour le monde


!!! tip "Conseil"

    Bonjour le monde